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The Dinah Brand - "I Can Walk Through"

The Dinah Brand - "I Can Walk Through"

Image of The Dinah Brand - "I Can Walk Through"


  • TDR011
  • Release date: 4 October 2010
  • Format: CD in gatefold wallet with booklet
  • Also available on iTunes

Long-awaited second album from Dublin-based quartet. Formed circa 2003 they released Pale Monkey Blues to mild critical acclaim, featuring delicate songs of fractured beauty and tales of farce and tragedy. In thrall to The Byrds, Lee Dorsey, The Replacements, Little Feat, Go Betweens, Neu, Big Star and Michael Hurley, The Dinah Brand has been experiencing life to its fullest and most incomprehensible in order to collate and harness these experiences into musical drama for your delectation and enjoyment.