Grandpa's Ghost - Lilac Perfume & Stomach Pump

Grandpa's Ghost - Lilac Perfume & Stomach Pump



A Brief History of Grandpa's Ghost 1995-2018

Release date: 26 October 2018

"Lilac Perfume & Stomach Pump" is a career-spanning retrospective that plots Grandpa's Ghost's singular, eclectic path over 23 years and 12 albums—several of which are multi-disc sets. Each stage of the band's prodigious output is represented—the skewed country rock of their first three albums, the deeply fried psychedelia of the Upland years and the sonic experimentation of their work with filmmaker James Fotopolous. Last year's sprawling releases from "The Carnage Queen"/"Country of Piss" sessions brings things up to date. The compilation also features two previously unreleased songs, "Flowerland" (from the band's yet unissued soundtrack to Fotopolous' "Alice in Wonderland" film) and "Dance of Death Blues".

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  1. Same As You
  2. Gunnin' #1
  3. Cheater (Electric)
  4. Skin
  5. Strings Sister - Blues For Hipster
  6. Let It Hang
  7. Concrete Eyes
  8. Leaving, On A Jet Plane
  9. Bardot III (Edit)
  10. Like The Sky In Reverse
  11. The Core
  12. The Country Song
  13. Of The Earth Dripping - Opening Song
  14. SJ1
  15. The Colour Red
  16. Flowerland
  17. I Am a Specimen (Single Edit)
  18. Carnage Queen
  19. Dandelions in My Mind
  20. Once Before I Die
  21. Dance of Death Blues