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Dinah Brand - I Can Walk Through
Dinah Brand - I Can Walk Through
Dinah Brand - I Can Walk Through

Dinah Brand - I Can Walk Through

  • TDR-011
  • CD/Digital

Release date: 4 October 2010

Long-awaited second album from Dublin-based quartet. Formed circa 2003 they released Pale Monkey Blues to mild critical acclaim, featuring delicate songs of fractured beauty and tales of farce and tragedy. In thrall to The Byrds, Lee Dorsey, The Replacements, Little Feat, Go Betweens, Neu, Big Star and Michael Hurley, Dinah Brand has been experiencing life to its fullest and most incomprehensible in order to collate and harness these experiences into musical drama for your delectation and enjoyment.

Gatefold digipack with booklet.

“I Can Walk Through picks up where the first LP left off: quietly literate, thoughtful, country-hued songs”Uncut

“Beautifully melodic…there’s an all-too-rare glow in hearing old hands making music just for the sheer pleasure of it”RTÉ

“An excellent collection of off-kilter alt-country tunes”News of the World

“The songs are shrouded in calm, guitar-led rock/pop that will be bliss to the ears of those who appreciate The Byrds, The Replacements, Big Star and Go Betweens. Music from blokes with lives to live outside music? Why not when it’s this good?”The Irish Times

“This is intelligent and thoughtful music…’I Can Walk Through’ is a beautiful record”Americana UK

“Compelling lyricism that delves into the human psyche”Maverick Magazine

“There is soul in these songs, not in an old-fashioned sense but a timeless one, heartfelt, yearning, sincere and wishful, and as such this album could be played at any point over the last fifty years or more and find itself new friends”Harmless Noise

“Dinah Brand have succeeded in producing one of the most laidback albums of 2010”The Line of Best Fit

Track Listing:
1. Reunion
2. What's Required of a Person
3. Constantly Watching
4. Team of Fast Detectives
5. Vampires Trapped In Time
6. Go Inside
7. Pete
8. Bands
9. Seacat

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