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LITE/Funanori - A Tiny Twofer

LITE/Funanori - A Tiny Twofer

  • TDR-005
  • CD EP

Release date: 3 September 2007

Split CD featuring three brand new songs each by LITE and Funanori, a new project from Kaori Tsuchida (The Go! Team) and Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE, Stooges). Digipack with cover artwork by Raymond Pettibon.

Track Listing:
1. Tomorrow (LITE)
2. Primary (LITE)
3. Ef (LITE)
4. Fujiko (Funanori)
5. Lazy & Crazy (Funanori)
6. Tidy Your Mess Up (Funanori)

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