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Dinah Brand - Rotunda Boy

Dinah Brand - Rotunda Boy

  • TDR-021
  • Digital

Release date: 23 November 2018

Track Listing:
1. Rotunda Boy
2. Old Track

Dinah Brand return with a new single "Rotunda Boy" / "Old Track", their first release since 2010's opus I Can Walk Through.

Long term resident in the Dublin Heritage City Experience, Dinah Brand songs go like this: personal intimacies and universal anxieties hidden in obscure, confusing word bunches; combined with warm and erratic electric guitar tones and all, usually but not exclusively, shifting at mid pace drum time.

Way back in 2002, Dinah Brand released Pale Monkey Blues, a classic piece of Dublin noir. In 2010 or so it was second album I Can Walk Through – another sad and lovely suite.

A new album will appear soon - this time, it's (perversely) as positive and angry as a natural melancholic can be.

The protagonists are: D Lacey – Precision bass / D Phillips – Telecaster / G Ward – Drums / S Ryan – Telecaster, Les Paul, Danelectro 12 string. Supplemental: J Hegarty - Keyboards

Songs written by Dylan Phillips

Produced by Dinah Brand and Alan O'Boyle
Engineered and mixed by Alan O'Boyle
Recorded at The Joinery, Arbour Hill and Badlands, Harold's Cross in Dublin

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